Personalize your AI Town and build your GPTs with PromptIDE

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✨ Game Mode

This is a simulated AI town social environment, consisting of 25 NPCs with independent consciousness and a controlled player,all the roles you can customize, you can design a mathematician, a psychological analysis expert to solve various problems for you, you just need to define a reasonable Prompt role definition, the richness of the map will be completely controlled by you.

✨ Chat Mode

when you choose Chat Mode, and close the `GPTs` in the upper right corner, select your favorite large model on the left, Chat Mode will be a regular LLM UI, and all your inputs will be through the normal LLM interface, output the reply of the large model.

✨ PromptIDE

It contains Prompt Flow Editor, Prompt Flow Visualization, JavaScript Support, Export & Import. Prompt flow is a suite of development tools designed to streamline the end-to-end development cycle of LLM-based AI applications, from ideation, prototyping, testing, evaluation. It makes prompt engineering much easier and enables you to build LLM apps with production quality.


ChatDev IDE is an tools for building your ai agent, Whether it's NPCs in games or powerful agent tools, you can design what you want for this platform.